Tenancy Charter

Central East Accommodation & Care Alliance Inc is committed to maintaining a high standard of service to tenants and will achieve this by:

  • Providing tenants with up to date, relevant information relating to their Home, safety and community.
  • Ensuring we action maintenance requests promptly and communicate expected repair timeframes. All maintenance items reported will be prioritised and we will endeavour to action urgent jobs within 24-48 hours.
  • Ensuring we conduct preventative maintenance to buildings and grounds to maintain standards and safety.
  • Respect the privacy and rights of tenants when conducting work in or around their home by providing sufficient notice of arrival and relevant information in relation to the work to be undertaken.
  • Ensure that contactors working with CEACA complete the Contractor Management Agreement and familiarise themselves with the CEACA Health & Safety Policy prior to commencing work.
  • Providing tenants with the ability to make their unit feel like home by allowing reasonable (in CEACA’s opinion) alterations or additions.
  • Working with tenants and health professionals to ensure that recommendations for mobility equipment be considered to improve the tenant’s quality of life and avoid injuries or falls within the home.
  • Ensuring that tenants and their families can submit feedback, complaints or compliments to CEACA in a variety of formats and this feedback will be responded to in a timely, positive and professional manner.
  • Providing tenants with links to local health care professionals, including home care providers, therapy services, social workers or general contractors.
  • Being flexible enough to move tenants to alternative accommodation, if available, if their current home becomes unsuitable due to mobility issues, proximity to medical services, transport or family member location.
  • Contact with tenants and their families which assists to monitor physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Working in partnership with our Members, regional shires and a range of external organisations who deliver supportive tenancy-related services that enable our diverse community of tenants to live well and thrive.
  • Treating everyone fairly and with respect and we will not discriminate against characteristics such as age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion or belief.
  • When tenants make any contact with CEACA, we will:
    • Be friendly, professional, efficient and always deliver excellent customer service.
    • Listen carefully to our tenants and check we have understood what they have told us.
    • Give clear and relevant advice and information.
    • Always remain polite, respectful and patient when dealing with tenant queries.
    • Follow through on any confirmed actions in the timescales we have agreed.
    • Endeavour to get it right the first time.