About Us

Central East Accommodation & Care Alliance Inc (CEACA) is a collaboration of 11 Local Governments in WA.

CEACA was established to conduct research in conjunction with the Wheatbelt Development Commission and Regional Development Australia (RDA) Wheatbelt, which found there was significant under-resourcing of housing, health care beds and other age-appropriate related resources across the region. Formed in 2012, CEACA’s current membership includes the Shires of Bruce Rock, Kellerberrin, Merredin, Mt Marshall, Mukinbudin, Narembeen, Westonia, Wyalkatchem and Yilgarn. The Shire of Dowerin are Associate Members.

Royalties for Regions grants ensured funding for the construction of 71 two-bedroom units across 11 shires in the Central East Wheatbelt Region. All 71 CEACA units were designed in accordance with the Liveable Housing Guidelines, which have been developed by industry leaders in consultation with community members and provide assurance that a home is easier to access, navigate and live in, as well more cost effective to adapt when life’s circumstances change.

The first occupants moved into the units in October 2019 and the last of the sites, Bruce Rock, saw their first tenants enter the units in July 2020.

In January 2020, CEACA became a registered charity and as such, not only provide benefits to seniors and those living with a disability in the Central East Wheatbelt region, but also to others who are experiencing hardship, are on low incomes or are otherwise struggling to find suitable, affordable accommodation in the region to remain living close to family and contribute to their local community.

With the 71 units completed and tenanted, CEACA’s focus moved to investigating and developing partnerships and models to provide better care services across the region. Today, CEACA work with various providers to ensure that tenants have access to the care and support services that they may need to continue living independently. CEACA are also investigating other care models that may be of benefit to their Member shire communities.

CEACA is also looking at the possibility of managing accommodation owned by certain Member Shires and the possible expansion of CEACA units.